A Conversation with the Founders: Harry Kanistik on why Mikaels Labs is on a mission to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence

Reminiscing an old movie I, Robot, starring Will Smith where detective Del Spooner hates robots and the technology behind it because he was in a car accident and a robot pulled him to safety while leaving a 12-year-old girl to die – because the odds of her living were statistically lower than Detective Spooner’s. The plot of the movie became stronger when the same robots alliance together to take over the world.

By working on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, doesn’t a similar kind of future scare you?

“I don’t see how Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning is a threat to humankind. The world today wouldn’t have been the same if we didn’t give an authority to the computers to think on behalf of us. If we were not scared to let the computer make our decisions, how will Artificial Intelligence be able to replace or scare you if we are one step ahead?

I agree that AI has an ability to outperform humans but we should not underestimate the power of the biggest naturally intelligent machine we have, that is our mind. The future doesn’t scare me rather it makes me excited to witness what wonders technology can do.”

What is Mikaels Labs doing in the Artificial Intelligence and what expertise your team has in the domain?

The mission is not to create robots or machines by writing a thousand lines of codes. It is to help them think better. From data mining till putting that data into the purpose, we do that for our clients to make their platforms self-reliant. Nobody likes to exhaust the resources for a system that has an ability to manage itself, we are just making that process easy for our clients.

About expertise, I’m so proud to say that we have the best development team onboard who have waved goodbye to old technologies years ago and now they’re AI experts working for the same vision as Mikaels Labs.

Being in Estonia, which is home to many tech unicorns and multiple other tech companies already, was it difficult to get started?

To be honest, Estonia proved to be a gold mine for us. For sure, there are multiple tech companies that mushroomed their growth here but when it comes to finding good developers who have a promising portfolio in data science and AI, it’s a cul-de-sac. Our clients prefer us because they know  what we have, our team of best hand-picked developers to work on their dream projects.

How do people get in contact with you?

People can reach out to me by email harry (at) mikaels.com or connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/harrykanistik